School Partnerships

At The Avenue School, we have a rigorous and robust programme of school improvement in order to drive standards and ensure the best possible outcomes for our pupils. We work diligently with staff, children, parents and a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that our school continues to evolve and continues to move from strength-to- strength.
At the Avenue School we have established partnerships with professional organisations in order to support our work, including the following:
Brent Schools Partnership (BSP) Partners for Excellence:
Partners for Excellence is a creative and dynamic initiative which is aimed at supporting schools to improve on their previous best, and to achieve the best possible outcomes for
all their pupils. We work exceptionally closely with School Improvement Specialists, and our school improvement partner visits throughout the year to challenge and support senior and middle leaders. 
Colleagues in various roles have benefited greatly from BSP’s high-quality continued professional development (CPD) training opportunities.

Brent, Harrow and Hertfordshire Assessment Group (BHHAG):

The Avenue School is a proud and active member of BHHAG. Our mission as a group is to achieve the very best outcomes for our pupils through:

  • Providing high quality education;
  • Developing and sharing curriculum models best designed to meet their complex needs (intent, implementation, impact);
  • Developing and sharing best practice in planning and assessing their progress towards and into an independent adulthood;
  • Working together to continually improve the quality of our educational provision through joint evidence-based action research;
  • Developing succession planning and leadership;
  • Influencing systemic change at the local, regional and national level.