At The Avenue School we take our responsibilities for Safeguarding Children very seriously, especially as our pupils are very vulnerable. The Avenue School follow Brent/London Child Protection procedures rigorously and have regular training sessions to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest information, practice and procedures.

The Avenue School trained Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) are Kate Campbell and Louise Kimber (Co-Headteachers). Any concerns or questions should be directed to them immediately.

Alongside this The Avenue School place a very high emphasis upon teaching independence and functional communication skills. The Avenue School believe that this learning will support and enable our pupils to learn about keeping themselves safe, both within school and beyond. The Avenue School also have a Family Link Worker who is available to support families within the child’s own home and an Education Welfare Officer who can offer advice.

The trust's Safeguarding and associated policies can be found in the policies section.

Online safety

More and more people are now accessing the internet for a variety of reasons, most of them innocent and legitimate, some of them not. As such, The Avenue School has robust processes in place to ensure the online safety of pupils, staff, volunteers and governors. The Avenue School does this by delivering an effective approach to online safety, which empowers us to protect and educate the whole school community in its use of technology, and by establishing clear mechanisms to identify, intervene and escalate an incident, where appropriate.

The Avenue School's Designated Online Safety Lead (DOSL) is Dean Newby (Director of Communications, IT, and Data). Any concerns or questions should be directed to them or your child’s class teacher.

The Avenue School Online Safety policy can be found in the policies section.