PIP Data

Personalised Intervention Plans (PIPs):

Every pupil at The Avenue School has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Section A details a family’s aspirations for their child and Section E lists medium-term outcomes which are designed to act as “stepping stones” towards realising the identified long-term goals. In Brent, Section E Outcomes are agreed under four headings. These being:

  1. Communication & Interaction
  2. Cognition & Learning
  3. Social, Emotional & Mental Health
  4. Sensory & Physical

It’s a school’s responsibility to set short-term targets. At The Avenue School, multi- disciplinary teams work together and liaise with families in order to agree highly individualised Personalised Intervention Plan (PIP) targets. PIP targets are written on a half-termly basis and shared with parents and carers so that learning can be supported at home. Progress towards PIP targets is closely monitored by teachers, middle leaders and senior leaders. Data is used to identify which pupils would benefit most from additional support or enhanced interventions.