Creative curriculum


All pupils have weekly access to the art tutor sessions in the art room and are provided a range of creative opportunities within class based learning. Art is a vital part of a broad curriculum and allows the pupils to explore the world through colours, patterns, textures, materials and mediums etc.

The Avenue School art curriculum is broken into 5 strands:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Collage
  • Sculpture

Pupils will develop sills in these areas right from EYFS with colour exploration right up to year 6 with some still life drawings.

Each year The Avenue School also hold a Creative Arts Week where the whole school delves deep into a given theme. Our last CAW saw each class exploring a different Afro- Caribbean country based on the heritage of our pupils. It culminated in an art exhibition of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and masks whilst pupils danced to carnival music wearing clothes and fashion items they made with the incredible support of our parents.


Every pupil at the Avenue School receives weekly music lessons as part of their class timetable. Music can play a very important role helping in a number of ways as children develop and grow, it can:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Help develop communication skills
  • Help to create social relationships with piers
  • Encourage children to work together

During Music lessons children have the opportunity to learn new songs, explore a variety of musical instruments and learn about different styles of music. Throughout the school year there are a number of special assemblies in which music plays an important role. All of the children will learn the songs or instruments and take part in a performance to which parents/carers and Local Academy Board members are invited.

The Avenue School also have a choir, led by our music lead. The children involved in this will perform on a regular basis: through the school to support assemblies, in competitions, at our yearly Luton Airport Performance for Christmas and at a local care home for our elders in the community.