The Avenue School educates children and young people aged 4 – 19 years who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and associated learning difficulties including communication, speech and language and multisensory needs. All pupils attending have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). 

The school is expertly led and sharply focuses on providing high quality education and welfare support to meet pupils’ individual needs, ambitions and their full potential.

Our educational provision is based upon the principals of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and uses Verbal Behaviour (VB) teaching methodology.

Pupils at The Avenue will benefit from a highly personalised curriculum that effectively prepares them for adult life. All pupils will be stretched and challenged within our highly positive, safe and happy school environment. Through our approach to teaching, coupled with our high expectations and effective partnership with parents, pupils who have a range of emotional and learning needs will make rapid progress.

The purpose of the curriculum and every interaction with and between pupils, at The Avenue is:

  1. To ensure that all pupils have an equal right to access all parts of the curriculum at a stage that is relative to their developmental level
  2. To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of all pupils
  3. To use scientifically proven behavioural interventions on a 1:1 adult/pupil basis targeted at clearly defined goals for each individual pupil, ensuring progression, continuity and coherence in learning
  4. To enable each pupil to become as independent a citizen as possible and to actively promote and increase public understanding of all those interested or involved in education within the school community.

Our curriculum will embrace all areas of academic learning at a level that meets each pupil’s EHCP. It will also address the personal, social and health development of each individual as a matter of priority. The curriculum will be underpinned by SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development), which will be delivered via activities within formal teaching sessions and via enrichment activities within the personalised programme for each pupil.


Securing a place for your child at The Avenue School involves a three-way conversation between families, the school and the commissioning local authority. It can be a little confusing, so we hope this step-by-step guide helps you navigate the process.

Ultimately, whether your child comes here depends on:

  • Whether you and your child like it here;
  • Whether your local authority agrees that a special school is best for your child, and will fund a place here;
  • Whether we have the space and resources to meet your child’s individual needs;
  • Where you live: we prioritise children who live in the London Borough of Brent, although we do also welcome and take children from other boroughs.

The Admissions process

Step 1: Talk to your local authority’s Special Educational Needs (SEN) team 

You should be able to find contact details on the education section of your council’s website.  The SEND Team will assess your child and if appropriate provide you with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  The EHCP will indicate whether or not the local authority believes that your child will benefit from being in a special school.  

Step 2: Arrange an informal visit to the school to see what we can offer your child 

If the local authority concludes that your child will benefit from being in a special school, you should arrange to visit schools that may be able to support your child.  To visit us, call the administration team on 020 3829 4690 and book on one of our scheduled school tours.  You do not need to bring your child on this initial visit; it’s just an opportunity for you to see the school in practice and ask any questions you may have. 

Step 3: Inform the local authority of your preferred choice of school 

Assuming the local authority believes your child should attend a special school, you should tell the SEND Team that you interested in being referred to The Avenue School.  If you live outside of Brent, your local authority may suggest another, more local school.  If the local authority agrees to The Avenue as an option, they will send us a referral letter and reports for us to consider. 

Step 4: The school formally assesses the referral 

At this stage we will match all incoming referrals in terms of age, educational needs and resource requirements to the places that we have available and will treat children who are or have been Looked After as a matter of priority.

Step 5: Meeting with your child 

If on paper it looks as if we can meet your child’s needs and we require further information we will contact you. We may arrange a visit to your child’s’ current setting, to observe them in an environment familiar to them and/or ask you to visit the school. This face-to-face meeting can be an important opportunity to find out more about your child’s needs and ensure we can fully meet them. 

Step 6: The school tells your local authority if we think we are right for you and your child 

If we can meet your child’s needs, have the spaces and the right resources, we will inform the local authority. If we don't have a space but can meet your child’s needs, we will inform your local authority that we are unable to offer a placement. We do not keep a waiting list, but welcome further consultations on a termly basis.

Step 7: Your local authority formally lets you know whether your child has a place at The Avenue School

You will hear from your local authority first, not from The Avenue School.

Step 8: The school sends you a letter 

If you’ve been offered a place by the local authority, we'll write to you to let you know about start dates and other arrangements. 


Useful Links

If you live in the London Borough of Brent, you can find information about how the council handles special educational needs and disability provision, including school admissions here:

Special Educational Needs 0-25 Team | Brent Council

Contact Information for Non-Brent Admissions


Sen team,

London Borough of Camden,

Town Hall, Judd Street



020 7974 6500


Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review Service,

PO Box 1358,



HA3 3QN.

020 8051 8383


2 Bristol Avenue,



NW9 4EW.

020 8359 7637


Ealing Service for Children With Additional Needs,

SEN Assessment Service,

Carmelita House,

21-22 The Mall,


W5 2PJ.

020 8825 6910

Hammersmith & Fulham

Hammersmith & Fulham Council Education,

Health and Care Planning Service,

145 King Street,



W6 9JT.

020 8753 1021

Kensington and Chelsea

Family and Children’s Services,

Kensington Town Hall,

Horton Street,


W8 7NX.

020 7361 3000


The Town Hall, 2nd Floor,

Green Zone,

Horton Street,

W8 7NX.

020 7361 3311